Mobile App

Welcome to the first app for sit/stand desk users that will help both body and mind, plus give you access to hundreds of ergonomic products. Works well for those using traditional desks, too.

Ergonomics experts, orthopedists, and chiropractor say the same thing to everyone who uses any kind if desk: Don’t sit too long! Not if you want to keep your neck, shoulders, hip flexors, arms and wrists from creaking and complaining. The Lizzie app will make your workday less ouch-inducing and more active – maybe even more productive.

Stand up, sit down.
The Lizzie Fit app is set to remind you sit or stand at 30-minute intervals during your work hours. You can set it to notify you at any time interval you like. Changing position rejiggers your attention and gives you new energy. And it’s gentler on your body than standing or sitting all day.

Move that body!
Choose from sitting and standing exercises you can do t your desk; stretches that diminish muscle tension. A wide array of fast and easy exercises that give you a mental break and a more focused take on your work.

Ergonomically speaking . . .
Hundreds of ergonomic products from major brands – with frequent special offers – are within fingertip reach. With new products coming onboard all the time, you are sure to find something that can reduce the physical stress of working.

App will be available soon on Apple and Google Play!