Lizzie Says

Working at home? Here’s some helpful homework.

hand stand
With millions of people who always worked in offices now part of the PJ and bathrobe club working at home, many have made a discovery: Their “office” setups do not set them up for doing or feeling their best.

You can stay in bed with your laptop or overdose on news or Netflix, tablet in hand, for just so long. Then your back or neck or shoulders start complaining. Don’t let them!

Here are some tips from long-time work at homers that can free you up from some of the pitfalls that come with the real estate.

Your derriere is not glued to your chair. No matter where you work, chances are you’ve seen quick and easy exercises to do at your desk and about why it is important not to sit for extended periods of time. Sources as reliable as the Mayo Clinic say that over-sitting increases the risk of obesity, increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol levels. If that is not enough, they also say that too much sitting overall and prolonged periods of sitting also seem to increase the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer. So get up!

Love your desk. While physical exercise is paramount, the simple act of standing for part of your workday can contribute to sound health. Sit-stand desks make it so easy to sit part of the day and stand part of the day. When you’re standing you can shake out tension, do knee bends, improve your posture, and stay in focus. And like so many, you may feel more productive and energized.

Get into the work zone. Whether you live alone or have kids hanging on your ankles . . . whether you are in a small apartment or have dedicated office space, choose a work space. Even if it is in the middle of what feels like a maelstrom, people – including you – will know that when you are there, it is work time. It will help you establish a routine and let you mentally separate from the rest of your space. For a clearer head, keep you space organized. At least straighten the piles you are leaving out before you quit!

Let there be light. Just make sure it is light and not glare – not easy to see your screen w/o squinting if you are working in front of a sunny window.

Procrastination comes with a price. Beyond scheduled meetings and calls, your time is your own as long as you meet deadlines. Here are five dangerous: “I will do it later. “Later” doesn’t crawl; it gallops toward us and is rapidly followed by “too late!” That means unnecessary stress. Make a real schedule. Work from this time to that time. Walk from this time to that time. Lunch from this time to that time. No substitutions. Let the 1,000-piece puzzle wait. Let the lasagna you want to make wait. Let Facebook and Snapchat and Instagram wait. Until you have an empty work plate.

The food thing. Heeding the call of the Twizzlers, the ice cream, the macadamia nuts too often? Often, hunger doesn’t even figure into the equation. You may just had lunch! The best advice we can offer is to keep the bad stuff out of the house. Otherwise, it’s your instinct vs your discipline. If you make it a rule not to eat at your desk, you will eat less. Or work less, which is not the idea! You might even try setting a timer at intervals and not eating in between. At the other end of the spectrum, you need to eat well to do your best at work.

Like a good scout, be prepared. When your job has you Zooming and Teaming and Facetiming, you have to be ready, which means being comfortable with the process before a meeting begins. No one appreciates a late start because someone can’t get in or log on or tune in or find where he/she filed the link.

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