Lizzie Says

Ready to get your first standing desk? Here’s some standout info for newbies.

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You’ve been thinking about getting a sit-stand desk. Maybe you’ve been standing in front of your laptop at the kitchen counter to test out how you feel about standing while you work. Maybe you just like the idea of having an option that lets you sit or stand. You are fingertip-close to making an order. Do it! Its flexibility means you will never have buyer’s remorse.

U.S. News, (Sept 5, 2019), citing a 2019 survey made by the Society for Human Resource Management, standing desks are among the fastest-growing trends in employee benefits. Incredibly, the April 2019 study revealed that 60% of employers now provide standing desks, up from just 13% in 2013! That growing figure is a good indicator about how people feel about standing in front of a computer screen.

We suggest you don’t go from sitting to standing cold turkey. That’s why a flexible height-adjustable desk makes so much sense. Though sitting (and slumping) all day is not good for anybody, your body has probably grown accustomed to it.

So don’t get a desk and stand all day! Optimally, you will want to alternate sitting and standing, but initially stand for just short periods, not longer than half an hour, but less is fine, too. If your body is giving you a message that something is not right, heed it! Standing all day is no better for your body than sitting all day. Ask anyone who works in retail.

Sit-stand desks deliver benefits to both body and mind.

Research suggests that using a sit-stand desk may:

  • Reduce the typical spike in blood sugar levels after eating. This is especially important for people with diabetes.
  • Lower your risk of heart disease
  • Reduce back pain
  • Boost productivity
  • Help you live longer!
  • Improve your mood and energy level

Lizzy will not put you in a tizzy about affordability.

For less than $2 a day, she is yours to love forever or turn in after six monthly payments. No finance charges. No delivery charges. Continue paying for 18 more months and you will be the proud owner of your own Lizzie Desk, which everyone you know will want to try – and probably buy!