Meet Lizzie

Lizzie is more than a desk. Well it is a desk, but it’s an ergonomic height-adjustable desk you can sit at it, stand at it, or most optimally, do both. Users say its flexibility is easy on the body and that they are more productive than they are when they just sit, sit, sit. They also say it reduces back and neck pain. These are awesome byproducts of simply changing your desk. Everyday humans who choose flexibility in their lives, choose Lizzie. So do productive, proactive, purposeful humans who don’t want to break their backs or their banks.

Whether you work at home, at co-work space, or spend the workday in an open floor plan, Lizzie allows your workspace to be optimized and personalized for your genius to flow in an environment all your own.


For Lizzie’s founders, back pain is personal. It’s not a happy part of the family’s genetic legacy: Lumbar aches that ultimately requires surgery runs in their family. So it is not by accident that they are ergonomically obsessed.

Office-wise, they are all over anything that benefits their bodies and brains. Split keyboards? Check. Ergonomic chairs? Check. Sit/stand desk? Check, check, check. They don’t accept old awkward office norms, and they think you shouldn’t either. And so along came Lizzie.

She is no surprise given their orthopedic histories and their backgrounds. The big brother, who spent time at WeWork, has been a marketing exec for multiple forward-looking companies for 30 years. As a leader of numerous teams, he has seen how simple lifestyle choices can make all the difference in how people work, how well, and how they feel about it. So he knows a few things about offices and desks.

Younger brother, whose alias could be Mr. Ergonomic, has been involved exclusively in the ergonomics industry for more than 20 years. When the word was not even yet part of the mainstream business vocabulary, he was distributing revolutionary products like the vertical mouse, now adopted as best practice by millions. What’s a vertical mouse? Glad you asked.

Together, they have been finding solutions for changing work environments and their demands on our minds, bodies, and budgets. Lizzie is their latest.


Lizzie makes sit/stand desks immediately accessible – even for those on tight budgets, thanks to our simple payment program. Of course, our lawyers made sure we have a formal agreement (below). But we wanted to make sure you know, in English, exactly how our program works.

  • Monthly or quarterly payments. You choose.
  • Simple, automatic credit card payments. No leasing or financing hassles.
  • After six months, you can return Lizzie any time you want. We’ll send you a box and ship it back to us (you pay shipping, average cost is $50).
  • Continue monthly payments, and the desk is your after 24 months.
  • Taxes will be added to each payment.
  • Free shipping.

That’s it! No hidden BS.